AC&I network of retired FBI Agents and other former law enforcement agents, are available to provide attorneys with the experience of thousands of hours investigating cases and assisting attorneys in the court room.  Through years of experience and multilingual associates, our investigators have the contacts and ability to locate and interview witnesses in most countries.  Fraud, complex litigation, sensitive internal corporate matters, domestic and international child abductions, international inquiries, drug investigations, are all matters previously handled by our investigators.

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Hidden Assets


Do you want to know if an individual has any assets to collect your judgment before filing a lawsuit?  AC&I can assist you in locating assets both in the United States and overseas.  Hidden assets, business ownership, brokerage accounts, real property, vehicles, and other valuable property can be located to satisfy your judgment.



Civil Rights Investigations


The FBI is the lead agency for enforcing Federal Civil Rights laws in the United States.  During his FBI career, Mr. Ruiz de Gamboa served as Civil Rights Coordinator for the FBI – Miami Division.  AC&I former FBI agents have the experience and resources to assist the legal community to aggressively investigate cases involving hate crime, “color of law” abuses by public officials, human trafficking and involuntary servitude, as well as violations based on freedom of access to clinic entrances.