Are you planning to purchase a business or merge with a competitor?

Is your company falling prey to internal theft or corporate espionage?


Due Diligence


If you are considering acquiring a business, proper Due Diligence can be the difference between a successful transaction or years of expensive litigation.  At AC&I Due Diligence not only includes the examination of the company’s financial statements, operations, business objectives, and industry, but also the company’s management, employees, customers and suppliers.  AC&I, working with prominent corporate attorneys and financial counselors, has the experience and resources to find the information you need to make a sound financial decision.


Employee Background Investigations


AC&I offers pre-employment and current employee background investigations.  As in all our investigations, the client has the last word in regards to the scope of the investigation.  Our services include the entire range from complete all-inclusive investigations, to basic background screenings.  Each Employee Background Investigation is unique to the circumstances of the client.  While in many cases a basic Background Investigation will provide the information required by the client, others may call for sophisticated investigative techniques such as undercover investigations, interviews, surveillance, etc.  AC&I’s investigators have the knowledge to obtain the necessary evidence to assist law enforcement in instances where prosecution is warranted.  If requested, AC&I’s investigators can also provide the necessary documentation to terminate an employee for misconduct.  We can assist you in lowering employee turnover while reducing the risk of employee theft and fraud.



Bug Sweep Detection Services


Wiretaps and bugs, although illegal, are a multi-billion underground industry used to spy on corporations, individuals involved in litigation, and other parties interested in protecting confidential business or professional trade secrets.  AC&I provides the services of highly trained and equipped investigators to conduct an effective sweep.  AC&I’s regular sweep detection service allows our clients to maintain secure telephone lines, executive offices, conference rooms, and data communication lines.  If you are concerned that your privacy has been illegally breached through electronic surveillance, call AC&I immediately.